Sep 23

Make a website search engine friendly

Clean up the URL:

URL rewriting is the first important factor to concentrate to make a website SEO friendly. URLs play a major role in indexing and ranking of a website. Clear and clean URLs adds value to the keywords you optimize. Loading dynamic queries at the end of the URL makes it hard for search engines to understand the page before reading the content. Static URLs always have greater visibility on search engine result page. In addition, the webmasters finds it easier to maintain the site folder using appropriate names. One other reason to recommend SEO friendly URLs is that the users find it easy to remember and type the address of even an inner page on the browser’s address bar and whenever the user makes a copy/paste action, the URL simply represents what the page is about.
It is strongly recommended to use hyphen to separate two words in a URL. Underscores are not considered to be search engine friendly due to the reason that two words separated using underscore will be considered as two different words whereas it will stay combined though separated by a hyphen.
URL syntax Practice from SEOMOZ
URL syntax Practice from SEOMOZ
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