Responsive Vs Adaptive Web Design

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design the better practise with 960 Grid system and media queries, Now a day’s all media system supported with CSS3 (media query), so we don’t need to worry about that. And for the responsive website you need to use images with resizable technology.Better for this use gird system to automatically resize your images and the overall grid to fit your browser viewport.

  • fluid grids
  • fluid images
  • media queries

Layout : fully Responsible with all screens

Adaptive Web Design

“Adaptive web design “to mean adapt your website for specified sizes, I recommended this for existing websites. Site with lots of users and lacking the resources to start from the ground up responsively. But Im not saying this only for existing websites, It is wonderful technology to make our site to responsive.

  • media queries
  • CSS
  • javascript or jquery

max-width: 0px = css.css

max-width: 480px = 480.css

max-width: 760px = 720.css

max-width: 980px = 960.css

max-width: 1280px = 1200.css

max-width:1600px = 1560.css

max-width:1940px = 1920.css

max-width:2540px = 2520.css
To Know More about Adaptive Design with Media Queries